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Antonia Barnhart

Toni is a Hawaii based photographer who nabbed these shots on a Sept. 2002 Guadalupe Great White trip.

antonia barnhart 1lg
antonia barnhart 2lg
antonia barnhart 3lg
antonia barnhart 4lg
antonia barnhart 1lg

Steve Benavides

Steve is a native Californian with a lifetime of coastal piloting experience in the Channel Islands, Steve has been scuba diving for 35 years and is a certified Research Diver. He is a Director and past President of the Catalina Conservancy Divers. Steve holds a political appointments to several of the Department of Fish and Game Advisory Committees where he represents Southern California divers. He is a frequent contributor to California Dive News and had articles and photos published in Discover Diving, Pacific Diver, Skin Diver, Paul Human’s Coastal Fish Identification Book and many other publications. Steve has won dozens of awards in photographic competitions. A CPA by trade, he tolerates a regular job only so he can spend time in the sea with his family and believes diving is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Steve resides in Irvine, California with his wife and four children.

steve benavides 7
steve benavides 6
steve benavides 5
steve benavides 4
steve benavides 3
steve benavides 1
steve benavides 8
steve benavides 2

Jim Brucia

A Guadalupe trip in Sept. 2002 led to Jim grabbing these shots of some great Great Whites.

jim brucia 1

Jay Canfield

Actively SCUBA diving for over 25 years and holding many certifications, Jay was born and raised in Southern California and has dived all along the coast from Baja to Monterey, including all of the Channel Islands. Among some of his international diving trips he has visited the sites in Hawaii, Cozumel, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. Jay’s camera of choice is the easy to use Sea-life Reefmaster DC310 digital.

jay canfield 1
jay canfield 2
jay canfield 3
jay canfield 4

Guillaume Chanfreau

“Gui” made a journey down to Guadalupe Island to mingle with the Great Whites in the fall of 2001. These are some shots from that trip.

guillaume chanfraeu 1
guillaume chanfraeu 2
guillaume chanfraeu 3
guillaume chanfraeu 4

Roberto Chavez

Roberto is an adventurous technical diver/photographer from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He got these shots on a Nov. 2002 Guadalupe Great White trip.

roberto chavez 1

Mark Conlin

A prolific photographer, and the “Stills Man” for Howard Hall Productions, Mark is a widely-published photographer with an impressive portfolio.

mark conlin 1
mark conlin 3
mark conlin 6

Bob Cranston

Well-known underwater film cameraman and still photographer. Bob has been involved in numerous underwater documentaries and has many of his stills published in magazines worldwide. Bob and Marty Snyderman originally started San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions in the early eighties.

bob cranston 1
bob cranston 2
bob cranston 3
bob cranston 4
bob cranston 5
bob cranston 6

Claire Davies

This charming Brit was a guest on one of our October 2002 Great White Shark adventures, where she amassed this collection of interesting shots.

claire davies 1
claire davies 2
claire davies 3
claire davies 4
claire davies 5

Steve Drogin

Steve was the epitome of the experienced dive traveler. If there is a dive destination you’d like to go to – well, Steve had probably already been there 2 or 3 times. He’s was famous for his month long excursions to those exotic places most of us dream of. Steve shot these “up close and personal” photos on “the best Blue Shark trip we’d had in 3 years.” – Sept. 13, 1997

Dave Fleetham

Dave is a professional wildlife photographer based in Maui, Hawaii. He is widely published in diving magazines and has a special shark photo calendar on the market. For more of Dave’s work visit his web page at

Dave Haas

Dave is a pro photographer from Ohio, who got these photos during a Nov. 2002 Guadalupe Island trip

dave haas 1
dave haas 2
dave haas 3
dave haas 4
dave haas 5

Howard Hall

Emmy award winning director, producer and underwater film maker. Howard and wife Michelle consistently produce quality documentaries and IMAX films. The Halls’ works are widely sought after by the media.

howard hall 1
ken howard 1
ken howard 2
ken howard 5
ken howard 4
ken howard 6
ken howard 3

Richard Herrmann

Specializes in photographing marine life of the California & Mexican coasts, and their offshore islands. Richard’s images have appeared in many publications. In 1990, Richard was assigned as still photographer, aboard Calypso, for Jacques Cousteau’s Rediscovery of the World-Philippines Expedition. Richard has won major awards in two of the most prestigious photographic competitions in the world.

richard herrmann 1
richard herrmann 2
richard herrmann 3
richard herrmann 4
richard herrmann 5

Jeff Hoe

Jeff is a scuba instructor and prolific shooter. He has been on many Blue and Mako shark dives and has had some very thrilling encounters with the fast swimming Makos. He has joined us on our expeditions to Socorro,the Maldives,Thailand/ Burma, and a Guadalupe Is. Great White Shark Expedition where some of these shots are from.

jeff hoe 1
jeff hoe 2
jeff hoe 3
jeff hoe 4
jeff hoe 5
jeff hoe 6

Ken Howard

Specializing in marine-related subjects, Ken markets his work via Sea Images, his stock photo agency, and his website:

ken howard 6
ken howard 5
ken howard 4
ken howard 3
ken howard 2
ken howard 1

Scott Johnson

Scott is a well published professional underwater photo-journalist. His images have appeared in many international magazines. His is intense in his endeavours to get “the” shot.

Don Kehoe

Don is a talented shooter who has just recently converted to digital photography. His passion is big animal action, especially shark diving. He has been on multiple Great White Shark Expeditions and Bahamas Tiger Shark/Great Hammerhead Shark trips.

Patrick Kelly

Patrick is a prolific shooter and has won several amateur underwater photographic competitions. Patrick prefers our 4-day expeditions to get the “best of Southern California” diving. He shot these photos during trips to Thailand & South Africa. He travels extensively to add unique shots to his library.

patrick kelly 1
patrick kelly 2
patrick kelly 3
patrick kelly 4
patrick kelly 5

Todd Lovstrom

Todd is a certifiable “shark diving maniac”. He has been on several of our trips in California and took the big leap last year traveling half way round the world to join us on the last Maldives expedition in Oct ’99. His favorite subject while there were the many different species of anenome fish. Todd also does slide presentations to local dive clubs and schools in his local Tucson area. These shots were taken when Todd was a high school senior. Watch out for this budding photo pro.

todd lovstrom 1
todd lovstrom 2
todd lovstrom 3
todd lovstrom 4
todd lovstrom 5

Chuck Nicklin

Chuck is a local San Diego legend, as well as an Emmy-winning filmmaker. He leads trips all over the world in search of great shots.

chuck nicklin 1

Alec Pridgeon

Alec traveled from the UK to join us on a 1-day shark trip and got this shot of a nice 8 ft Blue Shark just as it bit down on the bait. Notice the white nictating membrane that protects the shark’s eye. Alec is an Orchid expert with the Royal Botanical Garden and quite the adventurer!!

alec pridgeon 1

Paul Reginaldi

Paul is an underwater photographer based in Frederick, MD who joined us for an unforgettable Guadalupe trip in Sept/Oct 2005 on board the Nautilus Explorer.

paul reginaldi 1
paul reginaldi 2
paul reginaldi 3
paul reginaldi 4

Klaus Reith

Klaus and his family were on a 4-day expedition in Aug., 1995 gathering some shots for the slide presentations and lectures he conducts throughout central Europe. These shots are from Klaus’ Apr ’99 trip to Socorro. Mantas all over the place.

Andrew Sallmon

Andrew Sallmon is a freelance underwater and nature photographer specializing in images of marine life and the marine environment. Hs love of the sea has taken him all over the world looking for ways to capture dynamic portraits of its creatures large and small. He hopes that through the viewing of these images people will someday learn to appreciate and understand the awesome beauty and fragile nature of the oceans and to ultimately change some of the detrimental practices of humankind toward the sea.

A native of California, he spends much of his time diving and photographing the rich temperate water of his home state but also travels abroad several months each year to create new images for his stock file. A Scuba Instructor since 1980, he picked up his first underwater camera that same year and slowly converted from underwater hunting to the challenges of underwater photography. It was the slower pace of observing and trying to approach marine life closely that helped him to see and understand the intricacies and miracles of the ocean ecosystems. As he learn to appreciate the living sea, his photographic skill also grew and now his is one of a fortunate few that earn a living as an underwater photographer. His work has been featured over the last few years in several books, magazines, calendars and posters. In addition, he is also one of the few underwater photographers on display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Contact Andy directly for image license requests, underwater photo classes, photo expeditions, seminars and presentations. His web site is:

andrew sallmon 1
andrew sallmon 2
andrew sallmon 4
andrew sallmon 5
andrew sallmon 6
andrew sallmon 3

Marty Snyderman

A prolific underwater still photographer and lecturer. Marty was the cameraman on the initial installment of the Free Willy features. Marty occasionally does special digital imaging workshops on our Great White Shark trips as a guest presenter.

marty snyderman 1
marty snyderman 3
marty snyderman 4
marty snyderman 5
marty snyderman 6
marty snyderman 7
marty snyderman 8
marty snyderman 9
marty snyderman 10
marty snyderman 11
marty snyderman 12
marty snyderman 2

William Stableford

Bill was a guest on a Guadalupe Island Great White trip in October 2002. A hard-core fisherman when not in the cage, Bill was often spotted in the wee hours, holding a cup of coffee, a fishing pole, and wearing some stylish jammies!

william stableford 1
william stableford 2
william stableford 3
william stableford 4

Sarah Sundby

Sarah, a native of South Africa & world-traveling photgrapher, was aboard a November 2002 Guadalupe trip, where she got the White Shark shots, and she works as crew on some of the One-Day Blue/Mako Shark trips.

sarah sundby 1
sarah sundby 2
sarah sundby 3
sarah sundby 4
sarah sundby 5

Darvy Traylor

Darvy took this shot during the best trip of the 2000 season to date on Apr 29.
There were up to 70 Blue Sharks surrounding the cage at one time, plus a couple curious Molas circling the cage to see what all the action was about. It was really wild!

darvy traylor 1

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