These dates and prices are subject to change depending upon client participation.

A minimum number of divers are needed on some trips.

Custom trip dates can be arranged for whole boat and 1/2 boat charters.

Gift Certificates Available!

To check space availability call us at 619-299-8560 or email [email protected]

A shark swimming in the ocean with another animal nearby.

The Bahamas

These unique shark trips are being run exclusively for shark enthusiasts and photographers. The emphasis will be on getting quality in-water time and photo opportunities; space is therefore limited to a maximum of ten people.

A whale shark swimming in the ocean.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is located on northeastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula just a 6 mile ferry ride away from the bustling tourist destination of Cancun. In my 44 years of diving I had never seen such a large number of Whale Sharks in one area!

A body of water with mountains in the background.

San Benedicto & Socorro Islands

The islands of San Benedicto and Socorro along with the rock islet of Roca Partida have come to be called the “Mexican Galapagosâ€.

A group of people in a boat on the water.

Fiji Islands

Join other lucky divers and adventurers on a special expedition to Fiji to dive with up to 8 different different shark species. Ther are plenty of land activities so this is a great opportunity for a family vacation or together with non-diving companions.

A large fish swimming in the ocean.

Exotic Maldives

A group of seductive islands ringed by magnificent beaches topped with sand like those in an hour glass, translucent warm water homed to brilliant variety of colourful fish amidst the tropical castaway qualities of tall swaying coconut palms and sunset horizon.