Film & Television Production Services

San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions, Inc. can assist your production.  We can provide:

  • Shark diving services

  • In-Water  & Topside Video Crew

  • Chain mail shark suit rentals

  • Shark cage sales and rentals

  • Shark chumming supplies

  • Stock Film Footage

Note: In conjunction with DiveGeeks Productions,, and [email protected], we can provide your production with  stock footage.  We have footage of Blue Sharks, Mako Sharks, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Bull, and other sharks, Mola Mola, pelagic jellyfish & sea creatures.

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We have worked on the following productions and TV shoots:

“Spawn of Jawsâ€Â by ICON films -A Shark Week episode about tagging Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island, to be aired in 2014
“Oceansâ€Â a feature film by Galatee Productions and marketed by Disney- the film debuted in Febuary 2010
Popular Mechanics for Kids – Canada
Secrets of the Ocean Realm – Howard Hall Productions
Blue Planet – BBC  Squid vertical migrations, shark interactions
Discovery Channel – “Aquanautsâ€, shark diving support and equipment
PBS-“The Secret Lives of Sharks and Rays“ – Marty Snyderman, Partridge Films
Real TV – supplied shark diving footage (two different shows)

NHK TV Japan – “Shark Manâ€
KGTV – San Diego Channel 10 News – Loren  Nancarrow,  reporter “San Diego Sharksâ€
KCAL TV – Los Angeles – Leanne Suter, reporter on site
MTV– “Senseless Acts of Video†– Troy Hartman
The Weather Channel – “Atmospheres†with Paul Goodloe
Animal Planet-“Shark Gordonâ€-Shark Suit Rentals
Animal Planet – “Questâ€- supplied shark chumming supplies
KFMB-TV “San Diego Sharks†with Shawn Styles
The Travel Channel – “Destination Dangerâ€
National Geographic-White Sharks of Guadalupe
Water World – feature film starring Kevin Costner, shark diving support

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