Film & Television Production Services

 San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions, Inc. can assist your production.  We can provide:



Shark diving services In-Water  & Topside Video Crew
Chain mail shark suit rentals Film vessel charters
Shark cage sales and rentals Shark chumming supplies
Stock Film Footage 

Note: In conjunction with DiveGeeks, and, we can provide your production with  stock footage.  We have footage of Blue Sharks, Mako Sharks, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Bull, and other sharks, Mola Mola, pelagic jellyfish & sea creatures.

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You’ve seen our work on…






We have worked on the following productions and TV shoots:

“Spawn of Jaws” by ICON films -A Shark Week episode about tagging Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island, to be aired in 2014
“Oceans” a feature film by Galatee Productions and marketed by Disney- the film debuted in Febuary 2010 Popular Mechanics for Kids – Canada
Secrets of the Ocean Realm – Howard Hall Productions Blue Planet – BBC  Squid vertical migrations, shark interactions
Discovery Channel – “Aquanauts”, shark diving support and equipment PBS-“The Secret Lives of Sharks and Rays – Marty Snyderman, Partridge Films
Real TV – supplied shark diving footage (two different shows) NHK TV Japan – “Shark Man”
KGTV – San Diego Channel 10 News – Loren  Nancarrow,  reporter “San Diego Sharks” KCAL TV – Los Angeles – Leanne Suter, reporter on site
MTV– “Senseless Acts of Video” – Troy Hartman The Weather Channel – “Atmospheres” with Paul Goodloe
Animal Planet-“Shark Gordon”-Shark Suit Rentals Animal Planet – “Quest”- supplied shark chumming supplies
KFMB-TV “San Diego Sharks” with Shawn Styles The Travel Channel – “Destination Danger”
National Geographic-White Sharks of Guadalupe Water World – feature film starring Kevin Costner, shark diving support


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